What to Expect at the Apple Store in 2018

We’re about to get a new look at Apple’s retail store in 2018, with the first look at the store coming from the company’s Apple Watch app.

Apple’s new store will have a “featured” feel, with items designed to appeal to people who wear its products.

But that won’t be limited to the Apple Watch, as the company will be making a variety of other Apple-branded products available.

Apple Watch is not the only Apple product that will be available at the new store, though.

Apple’s accessories and software products will be sold there, too.

The new Apple Store will also be home to a variety “specialty stores” that will offer limited-edition products and new Apple products, according to the company.

They’ll include a “premium” space for Apple Watch accessories, as well as a “speciality” space that will include “iPod accessories.”

The space will be “packed with a wide range of high-quality accessories, like accessories, cables, earbuds, chargers, cables for iPads, and more.”