What’s the deal with Rainbow Clothing?

The Rainbow Clothing chain, one of the largest clothing chains in Israel, has decided to close the doors of its stores, a decision that comes amid mounting criticism of the clothing brand from the Palestinian community and its supporters.

Rainbow has been in the news in recent weeks following the arrests of six members of its staff and a number of others for allegedly spying for the Palestinian Authority.

According to The Times of Israel, the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) has revoked the company’s operating license, which is in force since January, citing the chain’s refusal to abide by the Palestinian human rights and social-cultural laws.

The ICA said that the company has “no legitimate business interests.”

The company said that it had asked the government to provide “necessary assistance to ensure the long-term survival of the chain, and to provide an alternative route for customers.”

The company said it would also launch a “transition” process for employees to return to the company.

The boycott campaign against the clothing retailer has been gaining steam since the killing of 18-year-old Palestinian student Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who was shot dead by an Israeli settler on March 12.

The IDF has continued to arrest Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip who were protesting the killing.

According the Jerusalem Post, the IDF has detained at least 25 Palestinians, many of them in occupied East Jerusalem, for various reasons.

The Israeli government has also stepped up its blockade of the Gaza Strip, which restricts imports of goods and goods from Palestinian companies.

The blockade has led to shortages of basic goods, such as food, medicine, and fuel, and has also led to the closure of more than a dozen schools in Gaza.

The Israeli military has also repeatedly killed Palestinian civilians in its airstrikes in the enclave.