‘Dressed to Kill’ hits UK shores, and this summer it’s all about the clothes

RTE 2/10 ‘Dress to Kill’: Women’s clothing store is taking a plunge in the UK with a line of fashionable new clothes.

The store in London is the first to roll out its ‘Clothing to Kill’, which it says is a tribute to those who have taken to the streets in the aftermath of the recent terror attacks.

It launched in June with a range of dresses and dresses to look and feel stylish.

The line is also stocked with accessories such as nail polish, earrings, and nail art.

The brand also offers the ‘Dedication Dress’ for men, which features a lace bodice with a flower design.

“Clothing is a fundamental part of a woman’s life,” founder Julie Maclaren said in a statement.

“It’s what we spend our days doing, what we wear on our bodies and why we do it.” 

The first two colours are pink and blue, the last two are a deep rose.

The company has also introduced a range to cater to women who may not normally shop in women’s clothing, such as fashion designers.

“We know that women who buy our products are proud of what they have been wearing and want to express that to others,” said Maclens. 

The line is being launched in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham, in a partnership with the fashion house LVMH, which also runs the clothing label Jil Sander. 

“Clothing in the 21st century has become about more than what it looks like and who is wearing it,” said Julie MacLaren.

“The Clothes to Kill collection is a way to show women that they are part of the fabric of their community, to be visible and to celebrate their femininity.” 

“We are incredibly excited about this new range and we’re thrilled to be a part of it,” she added.

 The company will also be stocking the line in the US later this year, with a launch to be announced soon.

“Clothes are a very personal thing,” Maclans said.

If you’re a girl or a woman, you can wear a dress to work, and if you’re not, you should be able to wear a jacket to the office.”  More: