The Korean clothing retailer has a big comeback

The Korean-owned fashion retailer Korean clothes retailer K-pop store K-Mart is back with its first sale in three years.

The retailer has been struggling since March, when it reported a loss of nearly 10 million dollars in the second quarter.

“K-Mart’s first sale is a great success story,” K-mart said in a statement on Wednesday.

K-mart is one of several Korean-based fashion retailers to make a comeback.

Other outlets including Jilin’s Taekwondo gym, Korea Fashion, and Kmart have also been able to revive.

In March, K-store reported a 1.2% drop in sales in its third quarter, but its return to profitability is expected to accelerate in the third quarter. 

K-store’s biggest sellers are its “classic” collections and a range of fashion accessories, including jackets, pants, and socks.