Why the ladies have finally bought womens clothing

Women’s clothing retailer Nordge is now selling women’s clothing at a much lower price, in what could be the first step in the company’s push to become a more mainstream retailer.

Nordge is the second major U.S. clothing retailer to offer women’s fashion online, joining the first being Nordstrom, which is owned by U.K.-based Gap Inc. Nordge has struggled to sell women’s clothes online in recent years as consumers increasingly turn to online shopping platforms like Amazon and eBay.

The company announced its plan to launch a women’s website in March.

Nordge said the new online store would allow the company to sell “new and exciting brands” and offer “special offers and discounts.”

Nordstrom, Nordge’s main rival, has a history of offering discounts on women’s apparel.

The chain has sold $1,000 skirts for about $3,000, and in October the company offered a discount on its entire women’s line for the first time.

But the Nordge website offers a few other perks to women shoppers, including discounts on all merchandise, free shipping and free returns.

For instance, women can buy a skirt with a men’s shirt for $19 and a men ‘s shirt for just $19, for a total of $19.99.

Additionally, women’s merchandise can be picked up at the Norden store, or it can be sent directly to a womens wardrobe or the home of the shopper.

The new website will also be the last place women will be able to order online and use the website to buy womens fashion.

The website will only be available for women shoppers.

Norro, the company that is now the dominant online retailer, said the online shopping experience for women was “not always a seamless experience.”

The company said the Nordger website will allow it to sell womens shoes and accessories, as well as clothing.

The Nordge store will also offer the latest trends and accessories.