Supreme clothing retailer Kente cloths to close shop and make way for new company

KENT, Ala.

(AP) The maker of Supreme clothing, the retailer Kenda, has announced it will close its doors and move its business to an online business.

Kenda founder Bob Ritchie told the Associated Press on Thursday that the company will no longer sell clothing, shoes and other items at its current locations in the Birmingham-Madison County area.

He said it will be opening a new Kenda store in Atlanta, Atlanta-Sandy Springs, Georgia and other cities.

He says the decision was made after a number of factors, including cost and logistics.

Ritchie said he will not be selling his company’s Supreme line of clothes online.

The company will also no longer provide merchandise to retailers and will be focused on its online operations.

Kente cloth’s demise comes as more retailers are closing stores and making way for online retailers.

The retail industry was rocked by the closure of Sears, Kmart and the Target Corp. last year.