Why I’m not wearing clothes that I don’t need anymore

The most basic rule of life is that you do not need clothes.

But it’s also the rule of fashion: It’s not necessary to wear the same thing every day to live in a comfortable, healthy and stylish way.

So when it comes to clothes, we should be able to wear what we want, when we want it, and without consequence.

The rules of life are there for those who want them.

The first rule of living is to love your body.

But to truly live your life to its fullest, you also need to love yourself.

If you do that, you’ll feel happier, healthier and more confident.

It’s about choosing to love who you are, rather than what others think you should.

The second rule of the human race is to respect the rights of others.

That’s why we wear our clothes.

The third rule is to be kind to others.

And the fourth rule is not to judge someone else by what they wear.

In our pursuit of happiness, there is nothing worse than being judged by others.

I’m going to be wearing the same clothes that my husband has worn every day for the past five years.

And I’m happy with them.

And my husband is also happy.

So the rule is: Don’t judge.

And don’t judge me.