‘Not my President’: Women of Trump’s inauguration crowd protest Trump’s ‘hate speech’

A group of women wearing black and wearing masks at the inauguration marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., chanting “not my president” and calling for “no more hate speech.”

It’s the latest example of the protests, which have drawn thousands of women, and the protests that have resulted in Trump being accused of racial discrimination, sexism and misogyny.

They are now trying to push Trump’s agenda forward, with protesters planning on marching from Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol.

The protesters are calling for more “diversity, inclusion and inclusion of all Americans,” the Washington Post reported.

“We want to be able to say that this is the beginning of a movement to change the way we think about ourselves, to change our nation and to make sure that this country is a better place,” said the protester, named as Rachel from New York.

The group marched through the streets of the city with signs that read, “Diversity is our strength” and “Love trumps hate,” according to the Post.

Protesters chanted “Black Lives Matter!” and “Not my president!” at the Capitol and around the country.

Police had said that protesters were blocking traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue and at the White House.

But as the protesters gathered outside, police officers in riot gear fired pepper spray and tear gas into the crowd.

In the end, police had to use force to separate the groups, the Post reported, citing an incident report.

It was unclear if anyone was arrested or arrested in the incident.

Some protesters carried signs that said “No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome” and others chanted, “USA!

USA!” and chanted, Trump is a racist.””

It’s about all people.” “

I don’t know if I want to get into all of this, but I just want people to know that this isn’t just about Donald Trump.

It’s about all people.”

The march drew support from Black Lives Matter activists and many other groups.