The new reality of ‘Trump is a monster’: Why I am not happy with the way we are treating him

By BILL SHEPARD DIXONA WASHINGTON, DC — A new poll released Wednesday found that Trump is the worst candidate ever to be elected president.

It also found that many of his supporters are still angry with him.

The new CBS News/New York Times poll, conducted by Edison Research, found that 55% of Trump supporters would not vote for him again.

Only 32% of his primary supporters would, and 18% of Republicans would.

It found that 56% of Democrats would not support him again either.

And of his base, 54% of white working-class voters would not back Trump again, while just 20% of nonwhite voters would.

Among white working class voters, only 11% would not.

A plurality of Republican voters, 44%, would not say they would vote for Trump again if they had the chance, while only 23% of independent voters would do the same.

But among non-whites, only 4% would say they were not sure.

Even though he is viewed as having done the most to hurt American workers and American businesses during his presidency, Trump still leads the Republican Party in popularity with his supporters.

Only 29% of registered Republicans would support Trump if they could, while a plurality of voters overall would not (36%).

Trump’s support has been on the rise in recent weeks, as his approval ratings have remained at historically low levels.

According to the CBS News poll, only 38% of voters approve of Trump’s job performance.

Just 35% say they approve of his handling of the economy, and 40% say the same about his handling on national security.

The CBS poll found that Americans are divided on the question of whether they think Trump should release his tax returns.

Forty-four percent said they do not believe Trump should do so, while 41% said they think he should, and 14% were unsure.

The poll found similar levels of distrust toward Trump among his base: Forty-eight percent of Republicans said they did not trust him to release his taxes, while 36% said he should.

In addition, 45% of Americans said they would not trust Trump to do his job, while 30% said that he should do it, and 15% were undecided.

Democrats have also been under pressure from his supporters over the past few weeks, with a majority of them saying they would never vote for a Democrat again.

In the poll, 42% of respondents said they never would, while 27% said the same of Republicans.

But Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to say they have never considered voting for Trump: 49% of independents say the exact same, while 52% of GOPers say the opposite.

Among independents, 30% say no, while 57% of those who say they are likely to vote for Democrats say the answer is no.

Trump supporters, on the other hand, are more likely to say that they will not vote in the next election.

Seventy-two percent of Trump voters say they will never vote in 2020, compared to 60% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll found support for Trump among some of his strongest supporters has not gone away.

Nearly six in 10 voters who support Trump say they plan to vote in 2016, up from 51% in January.

And about a third of Trump backers say they’re more likely now to vote than they were before, with 43% saying they are more or less likely now compared to 40% in February.

But it’s not as high a percentage of Trump support: More than half of his backers say the difference between now and then is small.

The survey was conducted on May 4-6, surveying 1,017 adults nationwide and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.

The Post’s Robert Costa and The Associated Press contributed to this report.