Jordan clothing has a secret weapon

By Nick Davies – 4 November 2014When it comes to cutting down on your carbon footprint, it’s important to remember that clothing made from the same materials as your house is likely to have a similar environmental impact.

The problem with a lot of eco-conscious fashion brands is that they don’t take into account the environmental footprint of their products.

They don’t account for the effects of the clothes they use, and the impact of waste on land and water.

Jordan’s clothing brand, Jordan Clothing, has been trying to change this.

Its new line of jeans has a name: Jordan Clothing.

The name means “the spirit of the land”, according to its slogan.

And the jeans, which are made from recycled polyester from the land of the Palestinian refugees, are made with 100% cotton.

They are made in the West Bank, using a sustainable and eco-friendly process.

Jordan Clothing CEO, Ahmed Al-Hudaybi, has said that the jeans are made to last and have been tested in a number of countries around the world.

They also use eco-recyclable materials and use natural fabrics like sheep wool and linen.

“Jordan Clothing is a global brand and we’re committed to helping change the global landscape of fashion,” he said.

Jordan is the world’s sixth-largest clothing retailer and the world-leading denim supplier.

According to Al-Zubayeh, who runs the company’s global environmental initiatives, the Jordan brand is the first sustainable denim brand to be licensed in the world by the Chinese market.

But he admits that the company has only just started to use recycled polyesters, a process that is not as efficient as other alternative materials.

Jordan Fashion’s website describes the jeans as “the first eco-inspired jeans in the market” and they are made using “sustainable materials”.

The company is also partnering with the World Bank to set up a sustainable textile procurement centre in Jordan.

Al-Bashir has also pledged to make the jeans from recycled materials by 2020.

Jordan clothing is a key player in a global push to reduce the environmental impact of clothing.

Al Jazeera spoke to a range of leading designers about the global environmental impact and the challenges they face in producing the jeans.

This is a lightly edited version of a story published on 16 November 2014.