What a season of charity for the sport of cycling

In the final race of the season, the British Touring Car Championship has given the biggest gift yet to its community, donating hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of clothing and merchandise to local charities.

The BCTC’s annual Christmas Day race has been marred by tragedy this year.

The race’s lead out group, the Bikes Against Racism (BARRA) team, was killed on the route.

But this year’s race was held in the rain and the race organisers decided to change the course of the course, bringing it back to the race route.

The decision was met with protests from some of the local community who felt it was an unnecessary change and that they would be able to return to the original course of race in the morning.

Bars, restaurants and clubs across the area have donated items for the local charities, and in some cases have already donated items to the local businesses.

One of the biggest donations, worth £400,000, came from an eatery called the Paddy’s Bar and Restaurant in the town of Oldham.

Owner Paul Stacey said: “I was shocked when I heard of the accident that happened.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything like it happening before.”

It was a really good turnout and we had a lot of good things that we were selling.

“In addition to donations, the race has also provided a small helping of cash, with a large amount of money raised by the race being donated to local schools.

It is hoped that this generosity will go a long way to helping the children who have been affected by the accident.

The race has a long and storied history and the majority of the drivers have been racing at the event since the 1960s.

However, as the race’s popularity has increased, it has become increasingly popular with young riders.

The sport has been featured in a number of documentaries and has even been adapted into a film.

In recent years, the organisers of the event have become increasingly concerned with the increasing number of young riders who come to the event.

Last year, the event was put on by a number and in 2019 it will have its final race in Oldham and will be held at the St Andrews Racecourse in Glasgow.