Boys dress up as cats for Halloween

Boys dressed as cats and a cow for Halloween at a local shopping centre in the northern city of Tbilisi, the first such event in Georgia since the end of a war that ended in 2008.

The event, which is not for children, was organised by the municipality of Kherson, the capital of the Russian-speaking Republic of Tatarstan.

Kherson is a town with a history of violent unrest, particularly in the 1980s, and many Tatar citizens still feel they have no future after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Many are angry with the government, which has made significant reforms since then.

However, the Tatar government has also had to face criticism from outside of the country for its treatment of minorities, including the Tajiks and the Chuvash.

Georgia’s president, Giorgi Margvelashvili, who has been trying to revive the country’s economy and revive its reputation abroad, has made tackling the countrys problems a top priority.

But with the war in the east, and the rise of Islamic extremists and other groups, the country has seen a rise in radicalisation.

The city of Khersiysk, which includes the town of Taji in the centre, was a target of the Taliban, but has since been recaptured by the security forces.

On Saturday, Taji was one of the areas hit by heavy clashes.

In Taji, the Taliban and Islamic militants used to gather in the streets to celebrate their victory over the Georgian army in 1999.

“It is quite hard for people to accept that this happened, but it happened,” said Shakhidov, who is also a resident of Tajkashvarsk, the main town in the region.

“When we started the event, there were hundreds of people there, but since then there have been about 15,000.

We had to make some adjustments in order to get them to join us, but they did,” he said.