‘It was an accident’: Woman dies after being hit by train

A woman has died after being struck by a train on the southern Queensland coast.

Key points:The train was stopped at a busy intersection in the Northern Rivers state park when it hit the woman, according to emergency servicesThe woman was pronounced dead at the sceneShe was wearing a “sneak peek” jacket and a “high visibility” vest and a backpack was found at the accident siteEmergency services said the woman’s death was a “tragic accident”The woman’s identity was not released but it was understood she was wearing high visibility clothing and a jacket with a large backpack.

The woman died at the scenes and police are continuing to investigate the circumstances of her death.

The train has been stopped at an intersection near the Northern River State Park at Tullamarine in the northern part of the state, where a number of rail stations have been closed.

It stopped on the edge of the intersection at a junction about 20 minutes after the woman was struck.

“At the moment the train is stopped at the junction, the intersection is a busy part of town, and it’s busy as well,” Sergeant Andrew Huggins from the Northern Waters Rail Service said.

“We’re just trying to gather more information, and we’ll be liaising with police and the coroner.”

The Northern Rivers Rail Service (NRRS) said the incident happened at about 7:15am (AEDT).

“We’ve had several reports of a female travelling in a high visibility vest, and people are understandably concerned,” Mr Huggs said.

Emergency services were at the crash site for about 20 hours to try and establish the circumstances.

The National Rail Safety Authority said the man who was travelling with the woman had not been identified.

“This is an extremely serious incident and we are investigating it,” NRRS chief executive Mike McNeil said.

The Northern Waters State Park has been closed since the collision.

It is also a popular location for backpackers and those looking to cross the Nullarbor and Great Barrier Reef.

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