Why the NFL might have to let some fans wear their jerseys on the field

WASHINGTON — There’s a new trend in the NFL: people in the stands donning jerseys during games.

In recent weeks, a number of players, including Baltimore Ravens receiver Steve Smith, have worn them during games, a tactic that has gotten some attention for its potential to affect attendance.

But in a twist, it’s not an official stance by the league, but the apparel manufacturer, American Apparel, which is owned by Fox, the parent company of the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

Smith said he is not opposed to wearing his jersey on the sidelines during games and has made the decision for himself.

He said the jerseys can be worn for the games without being a distraction for players.

“I like to be able to go out and see my teammates.

I like to see how they’re doing, how the game is going, how they react to a play,” Smith said.

“I like that.

I don’t like to get into trouble, but if something happens, you want to be the one who gets hurt.”

The NFL says the shirts can be used for special occasions, such as a team’s first practice of the season or to mark a player’s homecoming or a player who was honored at a ceremony.

They are also available to wear during the games at the end of a game.

Smith said he has worn the jerseys since before he started wearing them.

“They’re great.

I mean, I think they’re good,” he said.

Smith also said he would not mind if players who don’t wear the jerseys were allowed to wear them.

“If somebody can wear it and still be on the same field, that’s cool,” he added.